Thursday, December 1, 2011

pies and quiche

there are 3 types of quiches – mushroom and beef quiche, beef quiche i.e quiche lorraine and mushroom and chicken quiche
Comes in 1 size only
9” pan with the price of RM39 only!

this the best pie in town ;-)
mini banoffe pie
12 pieces for you to grab with the price of RM45.00 only!!

p/s the banana on top is just for photo shoot only. the real one is walnuts ye!

large size - 8" roud pan at RM49 only!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

kiddy snacks

what’s a kids party without kiddy snack right?
owh! honey honey cornflakes is a must have whenever you are thinking of having a kids party.
this is one of the first snack that will finish within a blink of an eye ok!
you may have them at RM19.00 for 50 pieces and it is available at any time you want! just give a hello to us okay!

and here is another one!
meet our rice bubble.
everyone’s favorite too and it’s yours if you willing to pay RM19.00 for 50 pieces ;-)
don’t forget to give us a holla okay!

and owh! here is another snack that anyone cannot resist! meet our famous crunchy popiah!
so crunchy and so tasty, you couldn’t agree more once you have tasted this popiah!
crunchy popia-1
packed in air tight container for RM12.00 – 375gm

and last but not least, our mini cupcakes
suitable if you wanna packed them in your kid’s goodies bags!
Only RM2.00 for 5 pcs and RM36 for 100 pcs
oreo minis-1

Sunday, October 9, 2011


as for now, maryambytes only provides 6 types of cakes

let’s meet up with our hot selling product for now!

Rainbow cake comes with 6 layers of rainbow colors sandwiched with cream cheese frosting with the price of
RM65 for 1.3 kg
RM128 for 2.7 kg

and here is our famous red hot velvet cake with cream cheese topping

and gorgeous chocolate cheesy cake with cream cheese frosting sandwiched in between and topped with chocolate ganache

both comes in 2 sizes
1 kg – RM45
2.2 kg – RM85

please take note that there will be an additional of RM20 for edible image or fruits

here is our cookies cheesy and creamy cake

Small size RM60
Large size RM110

The Famous Victoria Sandwich Cake - super moist buttecake sandwiched with strawberry jam in between...hmmmmm heaven!

one size only
without buttercream RM65
with buttercream frosting RM75

Apple Cake that can accompay your tea time durig weekend or any other day ;-)

One size only

Friday, October 7, 2011


for the time being, only 4 types of cupcakes are available at maryambytes
meet our simple and super moist zesty orange cupcakes. be it plain or with a drizzle of powdered sugar and orange zest, this cupcake is an all time favorite.


comes in 1 size only

Medium Cup
- 12pcs RM35
- 16pcs RM45

and here is our easy peasy vanilla cupcakes with super duper delicious swiss meringue buttercream frosting
comes in 3 sizes

- 12pcs RM48
- 16pcs RM50
- 25 pcs RM50


here is our devil's food chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese and chocolate ganache on top

and down there is our hot selling red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
both comes in 3 sizes and the prices are same for all cupcakes.

Large Cup
-12pcs RM55
Medium Cup
- 16pcs RM55
Small Cup
- 25 pcs RM55

** please note that there is an additional of RM20 if you required an edible image or fruits for the topping

Monday, October 3, 2011


What would you choose if you want something that taste in between a cake and cookies?
owh! a brownie right?
Ok! let’s have a look at what we have here!
meet blondies – the simplest yet so delicious brownies in town!
comes in 2 sizes
32 pieces = RM27.00 (choc chips only)
64 pieces = RM55.00 (choc chips only)
32 pieces = RM30.00 (choc chips n nuts)
64 pieces = RM60.00 (choc chips n nuts)
32 pieces = RM35.00 (full of choc chips, nuts, raisins n oreos)
64 pieces =RM70.00 (full of choc chips, nuts, raisins n oreos)
Hurry! grab this and i’m sure you’ll agree with us ;-)

if you love banana and chocolate, we suggest you to meet up with CBBS or chocolate bottom banana square and we are sure that both of you will become bff once you have meet with each other
Comes in 1 size only – 8” x 8” square tin with the price of RM35.00 only!

as usual, a special combination of cream cheese and chocolate brownies to those chococheese lover.
comes in 1 size only – 8”x 8” square tin with the price of RM45.00 only!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

the thousand layers cake

For the time being, only 5 types of layered cakes are available at maryambytes.
Orders for layered cakes must be made at least two weeks before the required date and no cancellation is to be made once you’ve confirmed it!

Meet our all time favorite layered cake! This super moist layered cake is one of our signature cake. Try it and we’ll guarantee that it will be one of your favorite too.
This prune layered cake comes in 7” x 7” with the price of RM65.00 only!!! Hurry up! Order now!!

what a perfect combination to have in a cake! you’ll feel the difference once you take a byte of this mango and cream cheese layered cake…oooh! laaa laaa…
baked in a square tin size 9” x 9” and weigh approximately about 1.8kg with the price of RM85.00 only!

to oreo lovers, this layered cake is definitely a must try for you!
comes in three different colors i.e green with the pandan paste, red color comes together shredded cheddar cheese and of course the yellow color is layered with the oreos!!
baked in a square tin 9” x 9” and weigh approximately about 1.6kg with the price of RM75.00 only!
Hohoho…another perfect combination to have in a cake! owh yes! i’m loving it! and i know you’ll love it too.
it has cheese and chocolate babe! hooray to chocoheese ;-)
Baked in a square tin 8” x 8” and weigh approximately about 1.5kg with the price of RM65.00 only!
And last but not least, here is our lapis rempah.
Baked in a square tin 7” x 7” and weigh approximately about 700g and this cake is yours with the price of RM45.00 only!
And owh! our lapis rempah comes in 2 sizes hokkay! small size is only RM45 and large size is only RM80
So hurry! order now ;-)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello peeps!


please allow our products to do the talking ;-)

have a nice day all!