Thursday, October 13, 2011

kiddy snacks

what’s a kids party without kiddy snack right?
owh! honey honey cornflakes is a must have whenever you are thinking of having a kids party.
this is one of the first snack that will finish within a blink of an eye ok!
you may have them at RM19.00 for 50 pieces and it is available at any time you want! just give a hello to us okay!

and here is another one!
meet our rice bubble.
everyone’s favorite too and it’s yours if you willing to pay RM19.00 for 50 pieces ;-)
don’t forget to give us a holla okay!

and owh! here is another snack that anyone cannot resist! meet our famous crunchy popiah!
so crunchy and so tasty, you couldn’t agree more once you have tasted this popiah!
crunchy popia-1
packed in air tight container for RM12.00 – 375gm

and last but not least, our mini cupcakes
suitable if you wanna packed them in your kid’s goodies bags!
Only RM2.00 for 5 pcs and RM36 for 100 pcs
oreo minis-1

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