Sunday, October 9, 2011


as for now, maryambytes only provides 6 types of cakes

let’s meet up with our hot selling product for now!

Rainbow cake comes with 6 layers of rainbow colors sandwiched with cream cheese frosting with the price of
RM65 for 1.3 kg
RM128 for 2.7 kg

and here is our famous red hot velvet cake with cream cheese topping

and gorgeous chocolate cheesy cake with cream cheese frosting sandwiched in between and topped with chocolate ganache

both comes in 2 sizes
1 kg – RM45
2.2 kg – RM85

please take note that there will be an additional of RM20 for edible image or fruits

here is our cookies cheesy and creamy cake

Small size RM60
Large size RM110

The Famous Victoria Sandwich Cake - super moist buttecake sandwiched with strawberry jam in between...hmmmmm heaven!

one size only
without buttercream RM65
with buttercream frosting RM75

Apple Cake that can accompay your tea time durig weekend or any other day ;-)

One size only

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